Surprise dish stuns MasterChef judges

A contestant who used a technique the Celebrity MasterChef judges had never seen before has ended up winning over their tastebuds.

“I can’t believe my first question was ‘how do I boil water’.”

From the start, comedian Dilruk Jayasinha joked his way around the kitchen in the season premier of Celebrity MasterChef on Sunday night, but in the end he ended up winning the judge’s tastebuds over with a surprise dish.

Jayasinha appeared as one of the 10 new contestants on the Channel 10 show, along with swimming sensation Ian Thorpe, Gold Logie winner Rebecca Gibney, singer Dami Im, presenter Chrissie Swan, professional football player Archie Thompson, AFL champion Nick Riewoldt, actor Matthew Le Neves, fashion designer Collette Dinnigan and Tilly Ramsay, daughter of famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

Judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, Andy Allen were back at the helm to discover which celebrity has the most talent in the kitchen outside of their usual day job.

They selected the top four meals from Dami, Collette, Dilruk, Crissy. Ultimately, it was Jayasinha who won the immunity pin, which is only offered once the entire season.

He had wowed with his unique flavour combination.

“The challenge is about cooking a dish that you’re famous for,” he said. “I only started learning how to cook last year when the pandemic kicked off, so … really, all I can think about is a Sri Lankan dish called kiribath, which is a coconut milk rice, and it’s a traditional dish.

“That’ll do there.

“I have also decided to make a onion sambal, called lunu miris. Also, I need to make something else.

“So you’d think go with a Sri Lankan curry. Unfortunately, I don’t know any Sri Lankan curries. I only know a beef rendang curry from Indonesia or Malaysia.

“And so I’m gonna go for it.”

It wasn’t just the unique combination that surprised the judges, his technique also raised eyebrows early on.

At one point, he was questioned by the astounded judges: “Dilruk, did you just measure salt?”

He responded” “Don’t be like that. Yes, I just did”.

Zonfrillo said: “I’ve never seen anyone do that. That’s amazing.”

Jayasinha then replied: “And also, I’ve just burnt my coconut because I was too busy measuring salt, so … I am so out of my depth here.

“Oh, my God!”

When announced as the winner of the immunity pin, Jayasinha was shocked.

He said: “Did anyone see that coming?”

“I feel like I’m Gollum, from Lord of the Rings. It’s my precious! I feel myself deteriorating into insanity every time I hold it.

“The power is infinite.”

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