Shock ending on Australian Ninja Warrior

In one of the hardest obstacle courses Australian Ninja Warrior has ever seen, Zak Stolz has been crowned the season final winner in a shock twist.

Australian Ninja Warrior has wrapped up for 2021, with the one question everyone was wondering finally answered: was Mt Midoriyama conquered again?

No, it wasn’t.

This year, 22-year-old Zak Stolz took out the title of Australian Ninja Warrior for furthest fastest, winning himself $100,000, making it his first ever win.

Last year’s winner, Ben Polson, failed the obstacle course early on in stage two, meaning the defending champ had no hope of moving onto stage three.

Charlie Robbins, 22, was unfaltering in his first attempt, but faltered in the first obstacle in stage three.

Shockingly, Zak only made it through to stage three on his second chance run.

During his stage three run, he faltered toward the end, meaning he wouldn’t tackle Mt Midoriyama, but it didn’t matter. He had won.

Over 200 athletes trained their hearts out every day to prepare for this moment, to take on the world’s toughest and most renowned obstacle course.

Ben Polson and two others conquered Mt Midoriyama in 2020, but the 22 metre-high monster looked almost impossible this year.

When reaching the base of Midoriyama, Ninja’s had to scale up the seven-metre Chimney Climb, the seven-metre Salmon Ladder (20 rungs) and the seven-metre Rope Climb to reach the summit, in order to be crowned Australian Ninja Warrior.

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