Petty fight ends in brutal sudden dumping

We’ve seen some petty behaviour on The Bachelor — but tonight’s argument makes the Top Three. James Weir recaps.

A petty fight over Dunkaroos ends with one girl being dismissed early from The Bachelor mansion on Thursday night and told to hop off like one of the biscuity Kangaroo treats she claimed to love so dearly.

She isn’t necessarily dumped because of the Dunkaroos — though the other girls were hoping the nostalgic snack would be her undoing. She’s actually just dumped because Jimmy doesn’t like her. That makes it all the more painful.

If you’re gonna be prematurely dumped, you kinda want it to be because of something like a Dunkaroos scandal. At least then you’ve got a fun story. “Hey, why’d you get dumped off The Bachelor?” strangers would ask you at parties. “Dunkaroos,” you’d shrug.

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Speaking of fun stories, Jay has a real pearler:

Meanwhile, all the other gals are sitting around the mansion’s patio and gabbing away. Then we hear a voice pipe up that we’ve never heard before. We look around. It’s come from a meek little blonde girl. At first we think she’s the cleaner or the YouFoodz delivery driver but apparently she’s been in the competition the whole time. Goes by the name Ashleigh. Anyway, she pledges to get a date with Jimmy by day’s end. We dismiss her and tell her to just chuck the YouFoodz packs in the freezer.

On the group date, Osher’s up to his old tricks. He should honestly not be allowed to contribute ideas to this program. Whenever he’s put in charge of a date, it always involves a made-up game with confusing rules.

Anyway, the girls arrive, looking terrific:

Osher explains the rules while we zone out and pretend to listen. Basically, the girls have to answer a series of riveting questions that really plunge the depths of who they are as people and what they stand for.

“What was in your lunch box at school recess?” comes the most important question.

That meek little blonde girl Ashleigh is getting all flustered because, so far, all her answers have been even more boring than Osher’s questions. Her answer to the lunch box inquiry? An apple. Oh, Ashleigh. Boo! Say something more interesting. Jazz up the truth. You’ve wasted the perfect opportunity to really give Jimmy an intimate peek at your soul.

Ashleigh starts beating herself up even more when Sierah dazzles with her answer to the lunch box question: A juice box and Dunkaroos.

Jimmy beams that he loves Dunkaroos. Of course he does. Only an idiot wouldn’t love Dunkaroos.

Ashleigh starts getting anxious. Is it too late to change her answer? Maybe she can just piggyback on the Dunkaroos. She interjects. “ … I’m … quite partial to the Dunkaroo … as well,” she stumbles.

Sierah’s face says it all.

“Out of nowhere, Ashleigh just throws out there that she would’ve picked Dunkaroos — but ya didn’t babe, so pipe down, hey,” Sierah seethes to us.

And she’s not the only one who’s annoyed. All the other girls turn on Ashleigh for tying to piggyback on Sierah’s Dunkaroos.

“I feel sorry for the girl, like, if you have to do that kind of stuff to get a boy’s attention, it’s really quite concerning. Like, relax sweetie,” Tatum snipes.

Sierah isn’t done. She still has things to say about the Dunkaroos thief.

“Ashleigh is just being very, I guess, desperate,” she muses. “I do hope she comes undone today. That would be quite funny to watch. Ashley is just full of BS. Saying whatever she thinks will please Jimmy the most. So I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that she goes terribly.”

Sierah’s right. She’s the real victim in all of this. Ashleigh will rue the day she said she was partial to Dunkaroos!

When Jimmy crowns Ashleigh the winner of the game, Sierah just takes a deep breath and reminds herself that everyone gets their comeuppance in the end.

“I’m just a little disappointed it was Ashleigh (who won) because she sucks,” she sighs.

Ashleigh is thrilled. She said at the beginning of the episode she wanted a date with Jimmy and now she has got it. Great news!

Ashleigh is moping around the cocktail party because she didn’t get a kiss or a rose on her date. But when Jimmy arrives, the first thing he does is pull her inside for a chat. Surely this is a good sign!

“I actually found that, when I talk to you, I feel really good,” she tells him. “And I’ve loved getting to know you. And I wanna keep getting to know you.”

Jimmy sighs and looks down at the floor.

After staring at the carpet for a good three minutes and just hoping the situation would go away, he exhales and begins a slow, winding response.

“You’re beautiful … you’re really confident in who you are,” he says. Oh boy. “There’s so many commonalities between us. But … I was just thinking … I can see us … being really good … friends???”

And there it is.

“For me, I want there to be that … spark. It’s just, like, that little thing that’s missing. And if there’s that little thing that’s missing now … That little thing that’s so hard to describe …”

Jimmy’s not even making sense now but it’s clear what he’s trying to say and Ashleigh cops it with grace. He has already organised for a producer to clear out her room and shove all her crap into a bag. In a matter of seconds, he walks her to the front door. She slides into the Uber he ordered ahead of time.

The other girls are super respectful and watch the dumping from the patio while shrieking.

“Is he sending her home?” someone squawks. It echoes out to the driveway.

Sierah is able to put her differences aside and be the bigger person. “She sucked, honestly.”

We’d expect nothing less.

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