‘Kissing pact’ causes utter chaos

Rachael’s ‘kissing pact’ on Farmer Wants A Wife doesn’t get the intended reaction from Andrew, causing more drama than it was ever worth.

Jealousy is starting to take hold on Farmer Wants A Wife, with the woman vying for Farmer Andrew coming up with a ‘kissing pact’ to try and eliminate any drama.

However, it didn’t go as seamlessly as they expected, causing a lot more drama than ever intended.

Happy that Andrew sent Lucy home, they look forward to getting closer with the farmer.

“I feel like the four women that I’ve got here are drama free,” Andrew tells the camera, blissfully unaware of the pact they’re soon to come up with.

After a one-on-one date with Rachael, she decides that adhering to Andrew’s ‘no drama’ policy meant that the girls were going to have to set up some ground rules.

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She suggest that no one tell each other if they’ve kissed Andrew and they all agree to the pact to kiss but not tell. Jess, understandably isn’t thrilled. She asks the ladies, “Would you not think it’s weird if he kisses all of us?”

Ash replies: “Well, that’s what we’re here for.”

In a piece to camera, Jess says: “Obviously, I have a bit of a crush so it sucks a little bit that they’re all desperate to kiss him and they all talk about it a lot as it is.”

When it’s time to tell Andrew about their pact, they don’t get the reaction they were hoping for.

Ash leads in telling Andrew: “Today, we kind of got together as a group and we thought we need to tell you so that you’re aware of it as well.”

Andrew sighs, “Here we go.”

Ash dances around the topic, explaining that each girl has agreed to not discuss any intimate details of their time with Andrew with each other.

Rachael adds: “To respect you and to respect each other as we get later in this, it’s better if we don’t share conversations or intimate details to avoid comparing or anyone feeling awkward. To stop gossip. We are here for you and that stuff gets kept private.”

Andrew respects their decision, but is ticked off that it has been brought up at an event, insisting that nothing would happen with any of the girls now, in an attempt to have a drama-free night.

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Jess, a frontrunner in the show, isn’t okay with the pact. She notes that it is “cringe” to pre-plan a kiss. She also doesn’t like the fact that other girls will now be openly kissing Andrew.

Pulling him aside, she expresses these thoughts. “I don’t want to stand in the way of you forming connections with the other girls,” she tells him, “but at the same time, I do like you and obviously it’s going to be a bit of a kick in the guts when you do kiss someone else but I know what I signed up for.”

Andrew replies, “I like you too and I don’t want to mess it up.”

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“I know, you won’t,” replies Jess.

“I hope not,” Andrew says.

Andrew’s reaction to the pact didn’t sit well with Rachael especially, who later defends herself to him after he suggested that they were just trying to cause more drama.

“I have never provoked or tried to create drama. I just feel hurt and that’s the way I feel right now”.

For a pact that was intended to derail drama, it has done the complete opposite.

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