‘Fame hungry’ reality star exposed

A contestant on The Bachelor has had her secret ambitions — and past celebrity romance — revealed on TV. James Weir recaps.

An allegedly fame hungry contestant on The Bachelor is exposed when her secret ambitions and past celebrity romance are revealed in a twist that … well, seems on-brand for a contestant on The Bachelor.

A reality star with dreams of carving out a niche in the public eye? Wow. Shocking. It’s just not something you hear about everyday.

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It’s home town week which is a notoriously patchy episode of the series. The down side is we’re made to watch Jimmy and the girls catch Jetstar flights to regional cities across Australia. The upside is we get to judge everyone’s decor.

First up is Carlie’s parents’ house. Their home is chic and sophisticated. Boo. It feels like this visit is going to be a success. But then Jimmy goes and calls Carlie basic.

“She’s always very calm and predictable,” he says when asked to describe the qualities he likes in Carlie.

Calm and predictable. Like an episode of Better Homes & Gardens.

Most of the visits tonight lack the spark of other years. There’s no mean mum or lame dad who stumbles over the stilted dialogue that producers have written for him to say. Holly’s visit barely lasts a minute and we spend most of it just watching her and Jimmy pash in a shadowy suburban cul-de-sac.

Brooke’s is also a real fizzer.

“I’m a little worried my brother might scare Jimmy away,” she frets.

Brooke, we really don’t think that’ll be a problem:

Finally, we arrive back in Sydney and head straight to Jay’s share house where her best friend Rochelle pulls Jimmy aside. She’s on a mission to expose him as just another wannabe celebrity. That mission goes wayward when, instead, she just ends up repeatedly exposing Jay as the one who’s fame hungry.

“Jay’s dated someone in the past who was in the public eye … and she ended up really heartbroken from it,” Rochelle shares.

It’s news to all of us. Jimmy is also thrown. This revelation comes off the back of last week’s rumour that Jay’s only on this show to score some Instagram followers. The paranoia clouds Jimmy’s head.

“The whole ‘famous person’ thing … it just triggers me back into the rumours that Jay’s only in it for the fame,” he tells us. “I really like Jay but I just can’t help but think these things keep coming up, so there must be some truth to it — and, if that’s the case, then I’ve been completely blindsided. And if Jay’s sole purpose of being here is to get famous, I find it pretty devastating.”

He turns the tables on Rochelle and attempts to uncover Jay’s real motivation. “What do you think Jay wants?”

Rochelle peps up. “I think she wants to be a presenter.”

Oh, Rochelle. She doesn’t even realise what she’s just done.

“Everyone’s just dropping little hints that Jay is just here for the fame,” Jimmy sighs to us.

He’s hurt. We get it. Some chick’s using his heart just to score a presenting gig on one of those local free-to-air travel shows that play on Saturday afternoons.

This information is all he needs to know. The suspicions have been confirmed. He’s gotta let her go. Well, he should. Instead, he dumps the basic girl.

It’s so unfair and doesn’t make sense. Carlie is poised, mature and has a real job. She could easily throw a tantrum over this decision — maybe push over a lamp and give Osher a noogie on her way out. But she doesn’t. She just remains calm. Ugh. So predictable.

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