Caitlyn’s ‘disgusting’ hotel quarantine pics

Caitlyn Jenner has been slammed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison for flicking her cigarette off a balcony in hotel quarantine.

Caitlyn Jenner has been spotted smoking a cigarette on her balcony while in hotel quarantine in Sydney.

The 71-year-old star stepped out onto her balcony to smoke the sneaky cigarette, before flicking it off the side of the rails.

Wearing just a white robe, Caitlyn took in her surroundings and paced the balcony, looking exceptionally bored.

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As expected, fans weren’t impressed with the photos.

The reality star is in Australia as part of the upcoming series Big Brother VIP on Channel 7.

Her upcoming appearance on the reality series has already caused its fair share of controversy, as Caitlyn obtained a special visa that got her into the country while thousands of Australian citizens remain stranded overseas.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison even weighed in on the issue, talking in a live radio interview this week.

Mr Morrison, 53, didn’t seem to have all the answers when he was asked off guard by Nova FM hosts Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton about Caitlyn entering the country.

“With the whole nation in lockdown, ScoMo, how did Caitlin Jenner get in?” asked one of the hosts.

After a long silence, the Prime Minister answered, “Oh, that would’ve been done with the various states, I assume, and working through what is a pretty lengthy exemption process,” Mr Morrison replied.

“That’s not something I could give you any specifics on,” he added.

But after seeing the callous photos of Caitlyn breaking the law by littering her cigarette butt, Scott Morrison blasted the star.

Mr Morrison spoke on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Friday about the vaccine rollout when host Kyle Sandilands asked him for his thoughts on the photos of Jenner.

“Caitlin Jenner is here for Celebrity Big Brother and was seen flicking a cigarette off of a balcony onto the street,” Sandilands said. “The Covid cigarette.”

“Would she be fined for something like that?” asked co-host Jackie O’ Henderson.

“I’d have to leave that to the NSW Police and what their rules are,” Mr Morrison replied.

Henderson added: “She’s flicking a cigarette out on the street. What if that lands on someone?”

“Covid or no Covid, it’s not cool,” responded Mr Morrison. “I don’t think people should be flicking cigarettes off balconies anytime, anyway.”

Caitlyn’s salary on Seven’s Big Brother VIP is said to be at least $500,000.

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