Big thing hairdressers had to deal with

After a three-month ban, Melbourne hair salons are dealing with a rush of customers and “homemade” haircuts.

Salons were run off their feet after the stage 4 COVID-19 restriction on hairdressers was finally lifted on Monday.

Hairdresser Joey Scandizzo opened his South Yarra salon as the clock ticked to midnight and reported his phone was going “off the hook”.

“We had a few VIP clients that couldn’t wait any longer, so we opened the doors up at midnight and we got them in and they were happier than ever,” he told 3AW.

He said his mates had been hassling him for a fresh cut for three months.

“As soon as we got the green light they were straight on the phone saying, ‘I’m coming in at midnight’. I thought I’d better open the doors up and get them in and make them happy, make them look and feel beautiful again.”

At BarberJan in Brunswick, things haven’t stopped since 9am.

“They’re coming with their long hair, their beards. They’re coming with a big mess,” director Jan Yamacli said.

“Everyone’s looking like a gorilla walking in but they walk out super happy. Everybody’s put the smiles back on again.”

Mr Yamacli spotted some “homemade” haircuts among the mix and said things were booked out until Saturday afternoon.

Woodenstone Barbers in Richmond also had a rush of customers and are booked for the next week-and-a-half.

Director David Natoli admitted seeing a few shockers in the chair, but the main request today was to “just make me look better”.

“There’s definitely been some creative haircuts going on. I think people are actually going to keep their hair a little bit longer,” he said.

“The wife of one of our guys came in and said, ‘For God’s sake, don’t cut his hair short, he looks really sexy right now, leave him with his long hair’.”

By lunchtime today, QV hair salon in Melbourne CBD had already served a dozen customers.

“It’s been super busy. It’s a little bit overwhelming, to be honest,” the salon’s Amy Zhao said.

“Basically, we’re booked out for the week. We only have spots for men’s cuts.”

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